Monday, January 9, 2012

Romney? No Way!

Very disappointing result in the Iowa caucuses.  Newt didn't do so well, but I think my endorsement helped him a little.  I saw that his arch-enemy, Mitt Romney, did well in Iowa and I want to make one final appeal to all you dog-lovers in New Hampshire.  I think you should vote for Newt, but if you don't want to vote for him for whatever reason, PLEASE, don't vote for Romney.  The man is very bad to us dogs.  That's what I just learned.

Romney had a really nice dog, an Irish Setter, named Seamus, who you can see here.  You would have thought he would have loved the dog and treated him well.  But evidently, that's not the kind of human Mitt Romney is.

Romney and his wife and five young boys piled into the family station wagon for a 12-hour drive from Boston to Lake Huron in Canada. As was the custom, Seamus, their Irish setter, rode in a crate strapped to the top of the car. . . Somewhere along the way, the dog began to experience, shall we say, digestive trouble that made its presence known via, uh, streaks on the back windshield. Ever the efficiency enforcer, Romney pulled into a gas station, hosed the dog off, put him back on the roof and continued the trip.
Put's his nice doggie on the roof.  How do you like that?  I'm sorry, this is not the kind of man I could support, and I bet you are the same way.  Please, all my dog and dog-loving friends out there in New Hampshire, tell everyone you know what kind of man Mitt Romney really is . . . before it's too late!


Mitt Romney said...

Hi Tommy,

I'm here in New Hampshire and as you can imagine, things are pretty crazy right now. But I want to thank you for calling me out on event you criticized. It was a bone-headed thing I did, putting Seamus on the roof of the car and I'm real sorry and a changed man. I hope you saw my speech. I was puporsely wearing my doggie tie for you to see, a way for me to express my atonement and my respect for your work.

Gotta go, I got a lot of supporters out there.


Anonymous said...


Please attack me. It seems that you are more likely to energize those who realize that you are just a dog and have no business engaging in human affairs than you are to motivate your small number of supporters. If you now belittle me I might just be able to pull off a win in South Carolina.