Monday, July 7, 2008

The Fate of Vick's Dogs . . .

provides an important lesson. It's another blow to the breedests.

Some claim breedism is ingrained in American society, that we are irredeemibly breedest. But now comes an instructive and heartwarming tale of Michael Vick's pit bulls. Being pit bulls, many ASSUMED these dogs were hopeless and wanted to give up on them en masse. It turns out that, once you get to know them and treat them as individuals and not as caricatures, many of Vick's erstwhile killers are now sweet, lovable animals. Like Leo (pictured here)

a tan, muscular pit bull, dons a colorful clown collar and visits cancer patients as a certified therapy dog in California.

Or Hector

who bears deep scars on his chest and legs, recently was adopted and is about to start training for national flying disc competitions in Minnesota.

So sure, there are some bad dogs out there. But you "can't judge a bood by its cover" and you can't judge a dog by its breed.

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big brother said...

Well it's probobly fair to say that cockapoos are most likely the worst fetch dogs in the world. That's the only generalization I will make about you, Tommy.