Friday, July 6, 2012

Affordable Care Act? Affordable for Whom?

WOW, are the dog days ever upon us.  It's hot, I'm furry, and I don't feel like doing any physical activity.  So I've been spending the past couple of days inside, researching the human president's Affordable Care Act.  It's long, no doubt (you can read the whole thing here: 
Obama's Affordable Care Act) . . .  and by all accounts contained far too much for all those congresspeople and senators to read before passing it.  So it was with great anticipation that I sat down to read about all the benefits that will now accrue to the canine community.

So after reading the whole thing, I've transcribed here the passages that pertain to us dogs:

" . . ."

That's right, nothing, not a single word! 

Mr. President, you'r a dog owner and by some accounts some of the members of you family even love Bo.  But what if Bo becomes sick and needs vet care?  Do you realize how much the vets charge?  I know you're a successful, well-paid politician and can afford it, come what may.  But what about the rest of us dogs out here, the 99% dogs?  What's to become of us?


Anonymous said...


The Affordable Care Act allows you to keep your current insurance and current care provider at absolutely no change in your current cost. You personaaly--like all other dogs--will not have to pay one penny more than you now pay. And no dog (other than those earning over $250,000 a year) will have to pay one penny more in taxes than they do now. Bo felt very strongly abouit this, and I acceeeded to his wishes. I remain, as always, a dog lover.

Barak Obama

big brother said...

Don't let the President fool you Tommy. You get to keep your current insurance and current care provider "at absolutely no change in your current cost" is meaningless since you and all canines don't even have insurance to begin with. Not having to "pay one more penny than you now pay" is not that great a deal when the current quantity of health care supplied to you is effectively zero.