Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama vs. Romney: Advantage Obama

I’d like to thank the two candidates running for president for coming on this blog and sharing their ideas on canine rights and helping dogs.  The president began to lay out his plan to tax the rich and use some of the proceeds to help us pets to get the affordable care we need.  While the president was a little vague and condescending, he and I agree in principle on the basic goal.  Mr. Romney, who aspires to this important position, came on my blog and made some abstract arguments about ‘kibble procurers,’ which I didn’t really understand and I don’t think will convince any dogs to vote for him.  He wants us to rely on our human owners, with no help from the government giving us free things.  I appreciate Mr. Romney’s reference to the great Cocker Henry who said ‘give me chicken or give me death,’ but it was clearly a gratuitous reference that didn’t seem to support his point.

 I’m glad to see the two candidates discard the politics of personal destruction long enough to discuss the important matters.  As things stand now, despite the fact that he is not a dog lover (except when the dog is on his plate), I’m starting to lean towards President Obama.

I'd like to invite the candidates to continue to use this blog to reach out to the canine community.  And if I've misrepresented their positions in any way, they can clarify


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your support. You and I are in full agreement that the only way Americans--both human and canine--can receive the benefits of a civilized society that we so well deserve is to increase the now ridiculously low tax burden imposed upon the very rich. They achieved these riches, as we all acknowledge, only through the blessings and opportunities bestowed upon them by this great country. How American wealth is used should be determined by all Americans, not just by those who bank in the Cayman Islands, hide their tax returns and drive to Cabnada with a dog tied to the roof of their car.

Barak Obama

Anonymous said...

My Dear Tommy,

I am disapponted that I do not yet have your full support. You refer in your most recent post to getting things for "free." While others may shy away from going befdore an audience and telling them the hard truths, even if they might not agree, I do not. The truth, my dear friend, is that in America we don't and shouldn't rely on getting things for free. We strive to improve our lot in life. That is whatmakes America great. We don't sit back asking government for handouts. And we certainly don't need government getting in the way of our success with needless regulations, burdensome taxes and the trappings of socialism that some unfortunately espouse. Families--included blended canine/human families--are the basic unit of American life. Some in the family may go out and earn. Others may stay behind and protect the home. Both roles are vital for family unity. So when I say that your daddy and mommy should not have to give the government an unwarranted share of their hsard earned dollars so that they will be able to provide you with the health care that you deserve and that they--and I--want you to have, I'm simply extolling the anti-socialist family values that made this country great and that I want to presewrve. I hope for your support in this endeavor.


P.S. Seamus keeps begging me to take him roof ridingh again, but I've trold him thsat with all the reporters always following us, we can't. So last night he went out and bought a bungee cord.