Friday, July 13, 2012

Tax the Rich!

I think it is terrific that President Obama and my big brother, two of the smartest people I know, are using the comment section of my humble blog as a forum for debating the BIG issues of the day.  President Obama has argued that if we tax the rich, there will be sufficient money to include dogs in the Affordable Care Act.  In this, the president and I agree, and not only as a vehicle to assure even basic health care for all canines.  But we should tax the rich just on basic fairness.  The president and I only disagree on the definition of ‘rich’.  The president considers you rich if you make more than $200,000 per year, but that is way too conservative a benchmark.  Almost every person I see is fabulously wealthy compared to even the most privileged of us dogs.  All the people are eating like kings at large tables, while we dogs are eating scraps and kibbles off the floor.  All the people sleep on comfy beds while we dogs struggle to find even a little room on the bed and sometimes end up on the floor.  All the people have TVs, computers, and cars while we dogs are lucky to have a few meager toys like an old sock, a chewed up tennis ball, or a stuffed monkey.  All the people roam free while we dogs are dragged around on leashes like animals.  All the people are afforded basic civil rights, due process, and fair trials, while we dogs are hauled off for ‘euthanasia’ for the smallest infractions or just because they got tired of us.  Yes I say, go ahead and tax the rich, and by all means direct the proceeds to the oppressed canine community.  But let’s call it like it is – all you people are filthy rich and should be taxed a lot.

Now mind you, I am not complaining for myself.  I have a good life with my nice human family.  But I’ve heard too many tails of woe from my furry friends.

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Anonymous said...


Seamus brought your thoughtful comments to my attention and we discussed the implications of your proposal. Basically you are proposing a massive tax increase on this country's kibble creators. Seamus fears--and I believe rightfully so--that taking hard earned income away from humans who have graciously oipened their homes, and shared their food, with our canine friends would rob these people of the funds needed for kibble procurement and instead would give these monies to the ever wasteful Federal Government. Now I know that you are friendly with Big Brother, who often comments on your blog, but Seamus and I noth fear Big Brother and trhe all powerful government he promotes. We understand that making it harder for kibble generators to afford the basic needs of their canine friends will only hurt the canine community. How many table scraps do you think you will get if Mr. Obama has is way and lets the IRS confdiscate even more of your Mommy and Daddy's kibble money than it now does? Soon all three of you would be sleeping on the floor. Seamus and I encourage you to reject the socialism of Mr. Obama and his pal Big Brother. Remember the words of that famous colonial era canine Virginian (Seamus' hero), Cocker Henry, when he bared his teeth at the King's tax men and snarled "Give me chicken or give me death!"

Your friend,