Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Affordable Care Act - II

I am quite unpersuaded by the comment President Obama wrote in response to my last blog post.  He's trying to pander to us dogs with his double talk:
The Affordable Care Act allows you to keep your current insurance and current care provider at absolutely no change in your current cost. . .

But the fact remains that his 'Affordable Care Act' did nothing for us.  My big brother was oh so right when he stated:
. . . the current quantity of health care supplied to you is effectively zero.
It is quite evident that current health care provided to Canine-Americans is woefully inadequate and the facts clearly speak for themselves.  The average life expectancy of a human in the US is over 78 years, whereas a dog born today can expect to live less than 13 years!  And it is much lower than that for bigger varieties like bull dog and doberman, who through no fault of their own may need even more health care because of their size.  [some of my best friends back on the farm were dobermans and now that 6 years have lapsed, no telling how many of them are even left.]  We are losing many of our precious canine resources far too soon when they still have so much to offer.  It is more than a national tragedy.  It speaks to who we are as a nation; it is a moral issue.

So what are you doing about that, Mr. President?


Anonymous said...


If the Evil Republicans in the House would simply let me tax the rich, I'd use some of that money for canine health care. So its Romney's fauly, not mine.

Barak Obama

big brother said...

Tommy, the President's statement here misleading. The "rich" are being "taxed".. what the president means to say is, "If the Evil Republicans in the House would simply let me institute a higher progressive tax." But here it would be inappropriate to keep the word "simply" in the statement, since this would be no "simple" matter.

And you should have the president define the imprecise term "some". Does "some" of that money mean 90%? 50%? .01%?