Friday, February 15, 2008


Sorry, I'm just getting over Hillary's disappointing finish in the VA primary. My dad was right, I was turned away when I tried to vote. Cockapoos have been systematically disenfranchised for this country's entire history. Life sure has some harsh lessons to teach. "A dog's life" they call it. I'm starting to realize why.

But being unable to vote, the least I could expect is my family would support me. My mom and dad both told me they voted for Hillary. But what about my brother? He told me he voted for McCain. I think if all the dogs were allowed to vote and didn't have to depend on unreliable family members to carry out their wishes, Hillary would have won.

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Your big brother said...

Dearest Tommy,
You are very mistaken. I can't believe you did not pick up on your daddy winking after every time he said that he voted for Hilary. I think he is just trying to get on your good side, while turning you away from your brother.