Monday, February 4, 2008

A Good Walk Spoiled

Mommy and Daddy took me for a nice walk yesterday. We went to the National Mall. Lot's of friendly people, but it wasn't all so great. A few problems 1) it was a little scary, what with some of those little kids and other dogs, 2) they walked too fast and I didn't get to as much sniffing as I would have liked, and 3) they started fighting over whether I could drink from the rain puddles.

You see, we had quite a rain on Friday. I should know, my fur got real wet during my walk. It was such a prodigeous rain that there were many puddles on the mall. We took quite a hike yesterday, and as you might imagine, I got thirsty. And I saw them, those inviting puddles. So I pulled and tugged at my leash, practically choking myself. Daddy wanted to let me take a drink, but mommy protested, took the leash from him and wouldn't let me drink. She said stuff like - the puddles aren't clean and puddles are only for low class, diverse breed dogs. Well I don't know for sure, but I see some pretty fancy, hoity-toity McLean dogs, real snooty non-diverse breed dogs, drinking from puddles. Fact is, I even saw Pippa and Bartley drinking from them and they are high-class dogs (VERY non-diverse breed).

So here's my question for the day. Should I be allowed to drink from rain puddles? Please vote at the right.

Tommy (the cockapoo formerly from Mt. Airy)


Cody said...

Well now i done heard all. you make it sound like you live with them rockerfellas or carnagys or somethin, drinkin from gold-plated water bowls and takin your dumps on rose petals. so out there in brady bunch land you can't drink from puddles? Tommy, whats become of you?

By the way, i didn't want you to get the wrong impression or nothin, so I gotta tell ya, i took care of that milktoast real good. He think he can call me out like that, didn't work out so good for him.

Anonymous said...

I take it your mommy doesn't know you drink from the toilet evety chance you get then lick the faces of her other kids? How stupid is that?

Trouble, Leona Helmsely's Maltese said...


You sure are a low-class slob of a mutt. If you were properly bred, you would never consider stooping to drink from a puddle. Why, I've hired a porter to follow me everywhere with my personal dish and fresh mineral water. The very idea of drinking from a puddle repluses me.

Cherokee said...

Dearest Tommy,

I'm afraid I don't have the colorful vocabulary your father has (Cody, that is), but I agree with him 100% on this one. Rain puddles are just fine for drinking, in my opinion. I've been known to take an occasional nip, myself. You probably don't remember it, you were so young at the time, but the day your human family came to claim you (what a sad day that was for me), there were several puddles on the ground here on Autumn View Farm, and I distinctly remember you imbibing while they were 'looking you over.' Now, I don't want to stir up any trouble, but I don't recall your soon-to-be human mom refusing to adopt such a 'low class' dog. She was happy to have you (and who wouldn't be?).

Anonymous said...

Now let me get this straight. The guy you call Daddy takes you into the polluted city and says: "Go ahead, drink from the puddle. Drink raw sewage for all I care." Do you think he'd say that to his natural born kids. No way. He only says it to you becasuse you are adopted, and he treats you that way. When was the last time you saw your "brother" or "sister" in a cage? You have it worse than Cinderpoo. She just had to work a little cleaning up around the house. You get caged and told to drink from the gutter. Some day your princess may come and break you free, but if I was you I wouldn't wait. Make a break for it now. Somewhere there are mommies and daddies who don't treat their adopted kids soooooooo much worse than their natural born kids.