Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brush with the Law

I had a frightening experience last weekend - I WAS ARRESTED! No, I wasn't detained, just cited. You see, I taking a nice walk with my Daddy in Lewinsville Park and I was off the leash. I knew I shoulda been on the leash, I saw the sign and all. But it's fun to roam around, sniff, and romp. Well, we were deep in the woods when wouldn't you know, but this mean policeman on foot storms over to us, looks down at me and said "You bad little cockapoo, you can't wander around like that, get back on your leash!" I did what he said, because he was very gruff and looked more vicious than Killer the Dog, my neighbor across the street. Then he wrote me a ticket and said I hadda pay and if he ever caught me again, I'd end up in cockapoo lockup. I was scared; I don't want that to happen again. I've learned my lesson. Daddy said he would pay the ticket for me, but says I have to do extra chores around the house, like pick up my toys and put them back in the toy basket.

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your big brother said...

Tommy, if you keep waking me up in the mornings, I'm gonna call that mean cop and have you taken away once and for all. This is my last warning to you.