Thursday, February 7, 2008

An Urgent Appeal

Dear Friends,
Tuesday is the big day, the day we in Virginia vote in the presidential primaries. Who better to cast your ballot for than the nice lady who wrote this heart-warming book? I refer, of course, to Hillary Clinton. She's in a tight race with Obama, who appears to be a good man, but what do we really know about him? He doesn't appear to be any friend of the dog, I'll say that. He's probably still promising to get his kids that dog, but when? He's just not a man of action. Hillary is for a universal pet health system, so if you get sick with, like, rabies or something, you're sure you'll be taken care of. And Hillary's against global warming and I am too. I have so much fur that I will be very uncomfortable if it gets any warmer. I intend to vote for Hillary on Tuesday and I encourage you to do the same thing.


Your human dad said...

Tommy, I'm sory, but you do realize that dogs are not permitted to vote in human primaries? But I will certainly take your wishes 'under advisement' as I go into that booth on Tuesday.

Barakapoo said...

You ignorant dog. Have you looked at the mounds of paperwork required under the Clinton universal pet health insurance plan? Just how good are you at filling out forms? Now you get the best possible care and your daddy pays. Do you think you are going to get the best possible care when the government pays? No way. You'll stand in line forever at a clinic somewhere in Dumfries waiting for a vet who sees twenty dogs an hour and spends most of his time with you complaining about low government reimbursements. Yeah, I know your mommy works in the government health care system, but do you think she'd ever want to get care that way? No sir. She just likes imposing it on others. And your daddy is feeding you a lot of rubbish trying to convince you that Clinton's Pet Care is good for you. He just wants to save a few bucks on your care.

Cockabee said...

There is no need for doctors in pet care. All we need is prayer.

A neighbor said...


You better vote for Clinton, cause if I catch you messing in my yard again, your animal hospital bills could be exorbitant.

Obama said...

Hey Tommy,

Don't you know what happened to Socks and Buddy after the Clintons left the White House? You should ask your Dad. I can't bear to tell you but neither of them live with the Clintons now.